ASG Authors Latest IIAR Whitepaper - Making the Case for Analyst Relations!

Posted March 23, 2010 by Thomas Ryan

Over the past eighteen months, most companies have been seriously affected by the global economic recession. In many cases, budgets across all departments have been trimmed to the bone; but Analyst Relations (AR) programs seem to have been particularly hard hit. Increasingly, AR teams are asking:
• What can we do to keep at least the base of our budget intact?
• How can I defend my AR budget?

or more generally,
• How do I make the case for AR?

The IIAR’s latest white paper, “Making the Case for Analyst Relations,” identifies the four principles for building solid executive-level sponsorship for your AR program. Each principle is explored in terms of how AR programs today are effectively – and ineffectively – applying the principle’s key elements. Examples from successful AR programs are provided to illustrate how each principle can be adapted to your organization’s culture, objectives, and expectations. Of course the current situation merely makes the need for pragmatic answers to these questions more acute. But it is perhaps even more important during periods of sustained market growth for AR to effectively apply these principles. Then, if market conditions again turn to the worse, AR will be in a strong position with well-established sponsors who clearly understand the critical value contributed by an efficient, optimized, and professional AR program.

If you are an IIAR member, you can download the whitepaper for free. Click here to link to the IIAR Website.

If you are not an IIAR member and would like more information on the report or would like to discuss the concepts, please contact Rob Kolokousis of ASG at 408-737-2320 or

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